2 things to know before growing marijuana in Virginia

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Drug crimes

Just because it is legal to grow cannabis plants in Virginia does not mean people can now own as many pots of the herb as they want. The state imposes guidelines to follow to grow marijuana legally, including the number of plants you can raise.

Rules for growing marijuana legally

The state of Virginia allows citizens to cultivate marijuana if they meet the following guidelines:

  • Only individuals above 21 can legally grow marijuana plants for personal use.
  • Cannabis growers can only cultivate in their main place of residence.
  • One household can only have up to four marijuana plants. Virginia code defines “household” as individuals who live together regardless of relation, so one residence can only have four plants even if several adults live in it.
  • Growers must ensure that persons younger than 21 cannot access their cannabis plants. In fact, owners must conceal their plants to ensure they are not readily visible to the public.
  • Each plant must contain a tag bearing the owner’s identity and informing that the marijuana is for personal use.
  • Neither growers nor third parties must manufacture marijuana concentrate using the home-cultivated plants.

Besides the limit on the number of plants one may cultivate, growers must also keep in mind Virginia’s restrictions on the quantity of marijuana any individual must possess.

Penalties for violating the rules

There are various penalties for violating Virginia’s cannabis laws depending on the severity of the violation and whether it has happened before. These penalties can range from fines to prison terms.

The legalization of marijuana in Virginia is a relatively recent development, and the state may likely pass additional legislation related to it. The information in this post is specific to Virginia law and does not include potentially applicable federal regulations. Therefore, it is all the more crucial to be aware of your rights and to stay updated on any changes in the guidelines.