Sharing the road with unsafe drivers? Stick to the basics

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2023 | Car accidents

While a car accident can happen anywhere, you can be at an increased risk when you are driving around Virginia Beach. It is a huge tourist area where accidents often happen due to impaired drivers, congestion and people unfamiliar with the area.

But guess what?

Adhering to the basic rules of the road can help prevent car accidents, no matter where you are. Here are some of them.

Always maintain a safe following distance

Maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles is crucial for all drivers. It is one of the first rule new drivers must learn.

Leaving enough space gives you the time and distance you need to avoid drivers who might swerve, slam on their brakes or otherwise drive erratically because they are lost or impaired.

Obey the speed limit

One of the easiest ways to stay safe is to obey speed limits. If you are speeding, you give yourself less time to react to sudden changes. Further, crashes at higher speeds typically result in more catastrophic damages than collisions at lower speeds.

Watch out for dangerous drivers

Because you may be sharing the road with partygoers and tourists who are less focused on road safety than they are on having fun, be sure you keep an eye out for aggressive or distracted drivers. Often, these drivers are speeding, following others too closely and generally breaking all the most basic rules of safe driving.

If spotted, you could stay out of their way or report them to authorities to prevent further harm to other road users.

Plan your route

Having an interactive map or app that detects road conditions in real-time can also be a good travel companion.

Checking your route whenever you are driving through Virginia Beach can help you avoid road closures and find an alternative route during the busiest times of the day. They can also show you areas where there may be delays due to accidents, which can help you adjust your driving accordingly.

Virginia Beach is undoubtedly a fun place to be. However, a crash can change all that. Returning to the basics and remembering these simple road rules can reduce the risk of accidents.