Common causes of commercial truck accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2023 | Car accidents

Commercial trucks transport goods across the country and to maximize their deliveries, are usually large and heavy. If you are in an accident with a commercial vehicle, you can suffer serious injuries.

Common accident causes

There are several situations that can lead to an accident between a commercial truck and a personal vehicle. Commercial truck drivers may be expected to work long hours and reach their destinations quickly, which can cause driver fatigue and slow their reaction time.

Likewise, they may also speed and because the truck’s size requires a longer distance to stop, they may not be able to slow down fast enough to avoid an accident. Drivers may be bored from long hours on the road and use their phone to talk or text. Distracted driving is a common cause of serious accidents.

If a driver is not adequately trained on how to respond to weather conditions like rain, snow or ice, they may be more likely to have an accident. Truck drivers are also required to regularly maintain their vehicles and if they don’t, worn brakes, tires or other parts can lead to an accident.


Injuries can include whiplash, which causes damage to the neck and head’s soft tissue, fractures and broken bones in the driver’s arms, legs and torso, and back injuries that can cause long-term physical problems. The driver may also have internal injuries that are not immediately apparent and emotional trauma that can last a long time after the accident.

Because of their size and weight, a commercial truck accident can also cause life-altering injuries to the driver’s brain and spine. These injuries can cause paralysis, chronic pain and difficulty doing regular daily tasks.A serious accident can impact the driver’s ability to work, and it may be necessary to pursue compensation.