A Trustworthy Team To Defend Your Rights

The public – and even the justice system – often seems to consider people who have been charged with a crime guilty until proven innocent. At Doummar Law, we fight to protect your future, your reputation and your freedom if you face a criminal charge.

As a law firm located in Virginia Beach, we understand how the area’s various courts work. We have developed relationships with district attorneys, law enforcement officers, judges and fellow defense attorneys. When you work with us, you have a team of two attorneys who bring decades of combined experience to the table.

Some of the offenses we handle most often include:

We put hours of hard work into every case we accept, never settling for a plea bargain that is unsatisfactory. If needed, we will defend you tenaciously at trial before a judge and jury. If possible, we can also connect you with resources such as drug and alcohol counseling or anger management classes that can help you secure alternative sentencing.

Experienced At Defending Federal Crimes

The laws, procedures and even the sentences are very different for crimes at the federal level. If your charge is a federal crime, you need criminal defense lawyers who regularly handle federal cases. Both of our attorneys are licensed to practice in federal court. We have successfully defended clients from federal charges such as fraud, drug trafficking and firearms offenses in federal court.

Talk To Our Defense Team To Protect Your Rights

Doummar Law is the reputable local firm to defend your rights against serious criminal charges. Call us at 757-785-9970 or send us an email to schedule your initial consultation. We offer nighttime and early morning appointments. Free parking available.